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Red Género y Ciencia de Datos en Deporte y Salud - Gender and Data Science in Sport and Health 

  27/10/2021 18:40

Gender and Data Science in Sports and Health (GENDASH)” is a Spanish network of researchers funded by the High Council of Sports (CSD) of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport (Ref. 02/UPR/21). It provides continuity to the ANALYTICS@SPORTS & HEALTH (Data Science and Information Technologies Applied to Sports and Health) and SHARP (Sports and Health Analytics Research with a Gender Perspective) networks, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport in 2019 and 2020, respectively. The main objective of the GENDASH network is to develop research and knowledge transfer actions that, aligned with various sustainable development goals, are aimed at:

  • Providing evidence on the situation of women in sports and the promotion of healthy habits through various analytical methodologies such as data science.
  • Exploring new lines of research that contribute to a better understanding of the problem.
  • Identifying good practices that inspire recommendations to reduce gender inequalities in nutrition, physical activity, and sport.

As a multidisciplinary network, it brings together a group of researchers and professionals from diverse disciplines linked to the study of the bidirectional relationship between health and well-being through sports activity with a gender perspective. The GENDASH network incorporates data science for a better diagnosis and analysis of the situation and the problems that arise and addresses issues related to gender inequalities in sports and physical activity. 

Vídeo resumen Jornadas Online “Género y Ciencia de Datos en Deporte y Salud” (26-27 octubre 2021) – Red GENDASH. Jornada 1 26 octubre 2021, Jornada 2 27 octubre 2021 

Vídeo resumen Jornadas Online “Género y Ciencia de Datos en Deporte y Salud” (6-7 octubre 2020) – Red GENDASH. 

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